The Association of Mediterranean Maritime Museums (AMMM) is a non-profit organization with full legal capacity created in Dubrovnik on 14th October 1998, on the basis of a statute that establishes its governance.

As determined in its Statutes, the Association is ruled by the General Assembly and the Executive Committee.

The General Assembly, composed by all the full members, is the supreme body of the Association. The Assembly can be Ordinary or Extraordinary. The first should hold at least once a year and the second when decided by the Executive Committee or when requested by a minimum number of members.

The Executive Committee is the governing and executive body of the Association. It shall be composed of a President, two Vice-Presidents, a Secretary, a Treasurer and the Committee members deemed necessary according to the development of the Association, with a minimum of two and a maximum of four Committee members.


Board of the Executive Committee: 2017 - 2021

Ms. Maria Paola Profumo, Mu.MA., Instituzione Musei del Mare e delle Migrazioni, Genoa, Italy
Vice Presidents
Mr. Davide Gnola, Museo de la Marineria, Cesenatico, Italy
Mr. Miquel Martí, Museo de la Pesca, Palamós, Spain
Committee Members
Ms. Lurdes Boix, Museu de l’Anxova i la Sal, l’Escala, Spain
Ms. Ece Çetin, Istanbul Naval Museum, Turkey
Ms. Tea Perincic, Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral Rijeka, Croatia
Ms. Kate Šikić Čubrić, Betina Museum of Wooden Shipbuilding, Betina, Croatia
Secretary and Treasurer
Ms. Lluïsa Prieto, Museu Marítim de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
Honorary Full Member
Ms. Elvira Mata, Barcelona, Spain