The Association of Mediterranean Maritime Museums (AMMM) is a non profit association with full legal capacity that aims to promote the diffusion, safeguard and awareness of the maritime heritage of the Mediterranean basin. To fulfil these objectives, the Association develops joint action programmes and fosters activities organised by its members.

The AMMM is formed by maritime museums, heritage management institutions and cultural entities acting in the field of maritime heritage from different countries in the Mediterranean area: Algeria, Croatia, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Italy, Malta, Montenegro, Portugal, Principality of Monaco, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey.

During the 8th Triennial Conference of the International Congress of Maritime Museums (ICMM), which took place for the first time in the Mediterranean in 1993, the members of this international association requested the Museu Marítim de Barcelona to act as coordinator and to promote a cooperation network in the Mediterranean area, with the aim of easing communication and collaboration between all maritime museums of the Mediterranean.

Consequently, museum professionals started to gather together to debate about maritime heritage and culture in the framework of the new organisation of Forums of Maritime Heritage of the Mediterranean. As a result of the first common experiences, it was agreed to create a network of maritime museums, with the will of joining efforts and collaborate in promoting and safeguarding maritime heritage. In October 1998 the Association of Maritime Museums of the Mediterranean was constituted in the city of Dubrovnik.


Estatutos (Spanish version)

Statutes (English version)


Founding Members

  • The Maritime Museum, The Naval Bakery, Vittoriosa, Malta

  • The Gibraltar Museum, Gibraltar, United Kingdom

  • The Hellenic Maritime Museum, Piraeus, Greece

  • Pomorski Mužej “Sergej Masera”, Pirano, Slovenija

  • Museu Marítim de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

  • Museu de la Pesca, Palamós, Spain

  • Museu del Port de Tarragona, Tarragona, Spain

  • The Maritime Museum of Dubrovnik, Croatia

  • The Museo Arqueológico de la Ciudad de Dénia, Spain

  • Museu de la Nautica del Masnou, Spain

  • Museo Naval de Madrid, Spain

  • Servizio Tecnico per l'Archeologia Subacquea, Ministerio per i Beni Culturali e Ambientali, Roma, ltalia

  • International Centre of Croatian Universities, Dubrovnik, Croatia