To qualify as AMMM member, one of the following categories must be fulfilled:

Full member:

  1. Any non-profit-making entity constituted in accordance with Law and organised as a maritime museum, maritime eco-museum; cultural institution whose objective is to safeguard and diffuse the maritime heritage of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea States; and international thematic associations of maritime heritage and culture, who include the Mediterranean Sea as one of their actions lines.
  2. Full members may also be permanent museums which are not strictly maritime in nature, but which are constituted and organised as maritime and which develop part of their activities in the field of maritime heritage and are non-profit organisations.


Affiliate member:

Affiliate members may be natural or legal persons, with non-profit aims, not meeting the necessary requirements to become a Full member. Individuals or groups belonging to the following categories may  become Affiliate members:

  1. Entities that manage Mediterranean maritime collections, but are not formally constituted as museums; or cannot fulfil the Full member conditions.
  2. Local associations that develop actions in favour of the preservation of historical and Traditional vessels; or, in general, of maritime heritage and culture in the Mediterranean area.
  3. Scientific organisations -oceanographic, marine-biological and other organisations and  institutions whose interests are not directly related to the preservation of maritime heritage and culture.
  4. Educational institutions which are committed to any of the fields related to maritime  preservation, including history studies, humanities, social sciences, maritime preservation  and/or archaeology, ethnology, maritime education/training related to navigation, shipbuilding and conservation of vessels, both for regular students and postgraduates.

For further information, please download the Statutes from the About us section.

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